BIAŁOGON - in cooperation since 1993; Authorised Pump Solutions Service since 1993.

Białogon is a manufacturer of pumps, sewage pumping stations, and cast iron for industrial and decorative use (i.e. streetlights, park lamps, street bins and decorative posts) as well as assorted hardware. Białogon also provides services in machining and repairs and servicing of pumping units. It is a large industrial establishment with a long history. It began in 1817, when by Stanisław Staszic's initiative a non-ferrous metal foundry was established in Białogon, Poland. The company operated as Kielecka Fabryka Pomp "Białogon" from 1966, and with the change of ownership in 1997 its name also changed to Kielecka Fabryka Pomp "Białogon" Spółka Akcyjna.