WILO - in cooperation since 1999; Authorised Pump Solutions Service since 1999.

WILO SE with the legal headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, is a leading global manufacturer of pumps and pumping systems for HVAC systems, water supply installations, and sewage treatment and discharge systems.


The company was established in 1872 by Louis Opländer, who established a factory manufacturing brass and copper products. WILO currently owns nearly 60 manufacturing and sales facilities across the globe; the recent establishment of its branch office in Australia has expanded the company operations to all continents. WILO Polska has been operating in Poland since 1994. The Polish subsidiary was established as a team of several people and currently employs over 60 workers and officers.


Two sales departments, Building Services Distribution and Investments, and Utilities Investments are dedicated to customer handling, and each relies on strong technical support, complete with the customer technical service across Poland.


WILO offers professional technical support for designers, users and contractors.